Interlockings, as reported by the Commissioner of Railroads, State of Michigan.

Some years around 1900 may be off by a year or two. Upper Peninsula is not included.

Lines involved are generally identified by historic division (Div.), subdivision (SD), district (Dist.), or branch (Br.). Where a branch is identified with a railroad and not a name, it typically might be an industrial spur or another line with an uncertain identity. Some cities had belt railroad lines, whose routes are also uncertain.

Electric street or interurban railways are identified by "elec.", those railways generally are not covered here except where "steam" railroads are also involved. Also noted are certain interlockings involving logging railroads and other railroads which did not survive long.

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, are described at the bottom of this page.

Several larger cities had multiple interlocking towers. Because of historic inconsistencies in naming of interlockings and other factors, the locations are not always certain.


Wasepi  PRR GR&I Line/NYC Air Line Br.


Mershon (Saginaw)  C&O Ludington SD/NYC Saginaw Br.
Saxon (Sparta)  GTW Greenville SD/C&O Baldwin SD


Cedar Springs  GTW Greenville SD/PRR GR&I Line
Clare  C&O Ludington SD/AAR
Pleasant Street (Grand Rapids)  C&O Plymouth SD/C&O Grand Rapids SD/PRR GR&I Line/NYC Grand Rapids Br.
Greenville  GTW Greenville SD/C&O Elmdale SD
Hartford  C&O Grand Rapids SD/C&O Paw Paw SD
Muskegon  GTW Greenville SD/C&O Muskegon SD
Nichols  NYC Michigan Line/GTW South Bend SD
Richland Jct.  NYC CK&S Br./NYC Dundee Br.


Tower A (Albion)  NYC Michigan Line/NYC Lansing Br.
Battle Creek (Rose Street)  NYC Dundee Br./NYC G&M Br.
Howell Jct.  C&O Plymouth SD/AAR  replaced 1896 by Annpere
South Lansing (Cedar Street)  GTW Flint SD/NYC Saginaw Br./NYC Lansing Br.
Virgil (Sheridan)  GTW Greenville SD/C&O Stanton SD
Wayne Jct.  NYC Michigan Line/C&O Saginaw SD


Baldwin  C&O Ludington SD/C&O Baldwin SD  watch tower until 1929
Bay City (26th Street)  C&O Bay City SD/NYC Belt Line
Cadillac  AAR/PRR GR&I Line
Fairfax Jct. (St. Joseph Co.)  NYC Air Line Br./NYC G&M Br.
Belt Line Jct. (Detroit)  NYC Bay City Line/GTW Mount Clemens SD/NYC Belt Line
Elmdale  C&O Plymouth SD/C&O Elmdale SD
Fruitport Jct.  PRR Muskegon Br./C&O Fruitport Br.
Hastings  NYC Grand Rapids Br./NYC CK&S Br.
MAL Crossing (Jackson)  GTW Jackson SD/NYC Saginaw Br.
Kalkaska  PRR GR&I Line/C&O Kalkaska Br.
Manistee  C&O Manistee SD/M&NE
Saginaw (Washington Ave.)  C&O Ludington SD/C&O Bay City SD
Fordney (Saginaw)  NYC Saginaw Br./C&O Belt


Bay City (Water Street Jct.)  NYC Bay City Line/C&O Bay City SD
Woodside (Bay City)  NYC Mackinaw Line/C&O Bay City SD
Bear Creek (Congers)  M&NE/C&O  closed around 1900  not located
Lafayette Street (West Bay City/Salzburg)  GTW Saginaw SD/NYC Saginaw Br.
Hart Street (West Bay City)  GTW Saginaw SD/NYC Mackinaw Line
Cadillac  PRR GR&I Line/Cadillac & Northeastern Railroad  (narrow gauge logging railroad)
Cassopolis GTW South Bend SD/NYC Air Line Br.
West Detroit  NYC Michigan Line/NYC Detroit Line/WAB Br.
Godfreys  M&NE/PRR/C&O  not located
Homer  NYC Air Line Br./NYC Lansing Br./NYC Dundee Br.
Interlochen  C&O Traverse City SD/M&NE
Jonesville  NYC Old Road/NYC Fort Wayne Br./NYC Lansing Br.
Kaleva  C&O Traverse City SD/M&NE
Malta (Lowell)  GTW Grand Rapids SD/C&O Elmdale SD
Raisin Center  WAB/NYC Jackson Br.
MX Tower (East Saginaw)  GTW Saginaw SD/NYC Saginaw Line
South Saginaw (Sheridan Ave.)  GTW Saginaw SD/C&O Belt
West Saginaw (River Bridge)  GTW Saginaw SD/NYC Br./C&O Br.
Saginaw (Wright's Spur)  GTW Saginaw SD/NYC Spur
Schoolcraft GTW South Bend SD/NYC Kalamazoo Br.
Thompsonville  AAR/C&O Traverse City SD
Trowbridge  GTW Flint SD/C&O Plymouth SD


WB Tower (Adrian)  NYC Old Road/WAB
South Adrian  WAB/DT&I Tecumseh Dist.
Au Sable  Au Sable & North Western Railroad/D&M
Delray  C&O Plymouth SD/WAB/NYC Detroit Line
Kalamazoo  NYC CK&S Br./NYC Kalamazoo Br.
Kerry (Traverse City)  C&O Petoskey SD/PRR GR&I Traverse City Br.


Woodward Avenue (Detroit)  NYC Bay City Line/GTW Mount Clemens SD  closed 1897
Fort Wayne Jct. (Jonesville)  NYC Old Road/NYC Fort Wayne Br.
Tappan (Port Huron)  GTW Flint SD/C&O Port Huron SD


Cadillac  PRR GR&I Line/Smith Lumber  (logging)
Milwaukee Jct. (Detroit)  NYC Bay City Line/GTW Holly SD/GTW Mount Clemens SD
Grand Junction  C&O Grand Rapids SD/NYC South Haven Br.
BO Tower (Kalamazoo)  NYC Michigan Line/NYC Kalamazoo Br./NYC CK&S Br.
Tower 1 (Kalamazoo)  NYC Michigan Line/PRR GR&I Line
Lapeer Jct.  GTW Flint SD/NYC Bay City Line
Midland  C&O Ludington SD/Midland & Hubbard Railroad  (operated 1894-1899)
Milan  WAB/AAR
Oxford  NYC Bay City Line/GTW Cass City SD
Rochester Jct.  NYC Bay City Line/GTW Romeo SD
Romulus  WAB/C&O Saginaw SD


Alba  PRR GR&I Line/David Ward Lumber  (logging)
East Lake  C&O Manistee SD/Manistee & Luther Railroad  (operated 1885-1913)
Florence (Peters)  C&O Traverse City SD/Manistee & Luther Railroad  (operated 1885-1913)
Grayling  NYC Mackinaw Line/Peters Salt & Lumber  (logging)
Lamar  C&O Grand Rapids SD/NYC Kalamazoo Br.
Midland  NYC Midland Br./Midland & Hubbard Railroad  (operated 1894-1899)


Ann Pere  C&O Plymouth SD/AAR  replace Howell Jct.  replaced 1907
Grand River (Detroit)  GTW Mount Clemens SD/NYC Bay City Line/Detroit Citizens Street Railway (elec.)
Lakeland  AAR/GTW Jackson SD
Owosso (Corunna Road)  AAR/Owosso & Corunna Traction Co. (elec.)
Hoyt (Saginaw)  C&O Saginaw SD/NYC Saginaw Line


Adrian  NYC Old Road/DT&I Tecumseh Dist.
D&M Crossing (West Bay City)  D&M/GTW Saginaw SD
Britton  WAB/NYC Dundee Br.
Canfield  C&O Traverse City SD/Manistee & Grand Rapids Railroad
Brush Street (Detroit)  GTW Mount Clemens SD/NYC Bay City Line  replace Woodward  closed 1903
Durand  GTW Flint SD/GTW Holly SD/GTW Grand Rapids SD/AAR  closed 1903
Henry  C&O Traverse City SD/M&NE/Arcadia & Betsey River Railway
Monroe  NYC Monroe Br./C&O Saginaw SD
Owosso  AAR/NYC Saginaw Br.  closed shortly after
Pinconning  NYC Mackinaw Line/D&M


Federman  AAR/NYC Monroe Br.
Pittsfield  AAR/NYC Ypsilanti Br.


Battle Creek (Malta Vita)  NYC Dundee Br./NYC Malta Vita Track
Bay City Jct. (Detroit)  NYC Michigan Line/NYC Bay City Line
Oak (Detroit)  C&O Plymouth SD/C&O West Detroit Br.
Diann (Dundee)  DT&I Flat Rock SD/AAR
Kalamazoo  NYC CK&S Br./NYC Michigan Line
Simpson (Muskegon)  GTW Muskegon SD/C&O Fruitport Br.
Trenton  DT&I Flat Rock SD/NYC Br.
Short Cut Canal (Wayne Co.)  DT&I Flat Rock SD/NYC Marsh Br.
Three Rivers  NYC Kalamazoo Br./NYC Air Line Br.
Vassar  NYC Bay City Line/C&O Port Huron SD
Wixom  C&O Saginaw SD/GTW Jackson SD


Alba  PRR GR&I Line/NYC East Jordan Br.


West Bay City (Tower 12)  NYC Mackinaw Line/GTW Saginaw SD/D&M/C&O Huron & Western Line/NYC Hecla Belt Line
Boyne Falls  PRR GR&I Line/Boyne City Railroad
OD Tower (Jackson)  NYC Air Line Br./NYC Fort Wayne Br./NYC Jackson Br./NYC Northern Br.
Otter Lake  NYC Bay City Line/C&O Otisville SD
Slocum Jct.  NYC Detroit Line/NYC Grosse Isle Br./D&TSL
Sturgis  PRR GR&I Line/NYC Old Road/NYC G&M Br.
FN Tower (Trenton)  NYC Detroit Line/D&TSL/DT&I Flat Rock SD


Cadillac  AAR/Cummer Lumber
Flint  C&O Old Main Line/GTW Flint SD
North Flint  C&O Old Main Line/GTW Flint Old Main Line
MA Tower (Lansing)  NYC Saginaw Br./C&O Plymouth SD
North Lansing  NYC Saginaw Br./C&O Plymouth SD
MAL Jct. (Pontiac)  GTW Holly SD/GTW Jackson SD/GTW Romeo SD
South Haven  NYC South Haven Br./C&O Paw Paw SD

Obscure Railroads And Lines

Some of the more obscure railroads and lines, not covered in the basic pages covering the main lines in the area.

Arcadia & Betsey River Railway

Au Sable & North Western Railroad
Au Sable-Hardy

Boyne City Railroad
Boyne City-Boyne Falls

D&M Detroit & Mackinac Railway
Bay City-Alpena-Cheboygan

Manistee & Grand Rapids Railroad

M&NE Manistee & Northeastern Railway
Manistee-Traverse City