These companies were at one time members of the Trailways system. Sometimes, the same name was used by two different companies existing at different times. And some companies at one time were briefly known by a different Trailways name., not listed.

Many of these companies became part of Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways (CTS) during the years indicated. Some companies became part of American Buslines (ABI) during the years indicated. American Buslines became part of Continental Trailways in 1953

Listed are only those bus companies becoming Trailways members through 1975. 1975 also was the last year of major consolidations into Continental Trailways. Beginning in 1979, many new bus companies became Trailways members. And with the subsequent deregulation of the intercity bus industry, the history of Trailways members became complicated, with many companies entering and exiting the Trailways system. Many companies continued to exist, but only as charter operators.


Adirondack Trailways           Adirondack Transit Lines       1936-now
                     (independent 1951-1957)
Airline Motor Trailways        Airline Motor Coaches          1946-1946
                     (to Dixie Sunshine Trailways)
Allentown & Reading Trailways  Allentown & Reading Transit    1945-1947
                     (to Reading Transportation Co.)
American Buslines              All American Bus Lines         1946-1953   CTS
                     (American Trailways 1952-1953)
Apache Trailways               Apache Trailways               1948-1949
Arkansas Trailways             Arkansas Motor Coaches         1950-1957   CTS
Arrow Trailways                R&H Bus Co.                    1959-1963
Atlantic Trailways             Atlantic Stages                1945-1968   CTS
B & W Trailways                Boston & Worcester Street Ry.  1936-1936
Bay Line Trailways             St. Andrews Bay Transp.        1939-1942
                     (to Modern Coach Corp./Modern Trailways)
Bordelon Trailways             Bordelon Lines                 1939-1945
                     (to Southern Trailways)
Boston & Maine Trans. Co.      Boston & Maine Trans. Co.      1952-1957   CTS
Brooks Trailways               Brooks Bus Line                1946-1959
Burlington Trailways           Burlington Transportation Co.  1936-1953   CTS
Cannon Ball Trailways          Cannon Ball Stage Lines        1944-1954   CTS
Capital Trailways              Capital Motor Lines            1938-2002
Capitol Trailways              Capitol Bus Co.                1948-2009
Carolina Trailways             Carolina Coach Co.             1940-2008
Carolina Motor Trailways       Carolina Motor Bus Lines       1938-1940's
Carolina Scenic Trailways      Carolina Scenic Stages         1938-1966   CTS
                     (independent 1951-1954)
Cascade Trailways              Bremerton-Tacoma Stages        1975-1994
Central Trailways              Peoria-Rockford Bus Co.        1937-1942
Central Trailways              Central Bus Lines              1946-1954   CTS
Cinc. & Lake Erie Trailways    Cincinnati & Lake Erie Bus Co. 1940-1944
Coastal Trailways              Coastal Stages                 1957-1966
Colonial Trailways             Monroeville Bus Co.            1949-2002
Consolidated Trailways         Consolidated Bus Lines         1954-1956
                     (to Virginia Trailways)
Continental Trailways          Bowen Motor Coach Co.          1938-1987
                     (Bowen Trailways 1938-1945)
Crescent Trailways             Crescent Stages                1938-1953   CTS
Dahlonega-Atlanta Trailways    Dahlonega-Atlanta Stage        1946-1955
De Luxe Trailways              De Luxe Motor Stages         1930's-1989
Denver & Interurban Trailways  Denver & Interurban Motor Co.  1938-1942
                     (to Burlington Trailways)
Den-Col Spr-Pueblo Trailways   Den-Col Spr-Pueblo Motor Way   1936-1948   CTS
Denver-SLC-Pacific Trailways   Denver-SLC-Pacific Stages      1936-1948   CTS
Dixie Sunshine Trailways       Dixie Motor Coach              1937-1948   CTS
                     (Dixie Trailways 1937-1945)
Dominion Trailways             Dominion Lines               1930's/1940's
Eastern Trailways              Eastern Trails                 1939-1944   ABI
Empire Trailways               Empire Trails                1940's-1947
Empire Trailways               Western New York Motor Lines   1956-1994
                     (to New York Trailways)
Evergreen Trailways            Evergreen Trails               1939-1991
                     (to Northwestern Trailways)
Frisco Trailways               Frisco Transportation Co.      1945-1960
Georgia-Florida Trailways      Georgia-Florida Coaches        1943-1966   CTS
Georgia-Tennessee Trailways?   Georgia-Tennessee Coaches      1949-1952
Greensboro-Fayettev Trailways  Greensboro-Fayetteville Bus  1940's
                     (to Queen City Trailways)
Greenville-Dayton Trailways    Greenville-Dayton Transp.      1947-1948
Interurban Trailways           Interurban Transp. Co.         1939-1945
                     (to Southern Trailways)
Jacksonville Trailways         Jacksonville Bus Line          1937-1955
Kansas Trailways               Kansas Trails                  1944-1950
Kentucky Trailways             Kentucky Bus Lines             1952-1954
Lake Front Trailways           Lake Front Lines               1970-2009
Lincoln Trailways              Lincoln Trails System          1937-1940's
M. K. & O. Trailways           M. K. & O. Lines               1937-1953
Maine Central Trans. Co.       Maine Central Trans. Co.       1952-1955
Mathis Trailways               Mathis Bus Lines               1945-1950
Metropolitan Trailways         Emery's Motor Coach Lines      1947-1949
Martz Trailways                Frank Martz Coach Co.          1936-now
Mid-Continent Trailways        Mid-Continent Coaches          1946-1954
Midwest Trailways              Midwest Bus Lines              1957-1960   CTS
Missala Trailways?             Missala Stages                 1949-1951
Missouri-Arkansas Trailways    Missouri-Arkansas Coach        1938-1948   ABI
Missouri Pacific Trailways     Missouri Pacific Bus Lines     1936-1948
Modern Trailways               Modern Coach Corp.             1938-1956
                     (Georgia Trailways/Georgia Stages 1938-1946)
                     (to Tamiami Trailways 1956)
Trailways Of New England       Blue Way Lines                 1936-1966   CTS
                     (Blue Way Trailways 1936-1941)
Northern Trailways             Northern Trails                1939-1946   ABI
Ohio Trailways                 Zane Transit Lines             1956-1972
Olympic Trailways              Port Townsend-Southern Stages  1949-1953
Ozark Trailways                Ozark Trails                   1945-1951
Pacific Trailways              Mount Hood Stages              1943-1988
Panhandle Trailways            Panhandle Stages               1936-1948   CTS
Pennsylvania Trailways         Blue & White Lines of VA       1949-1951
Pine Hill Trailways            Pine Hill-Kingston Bus         1966-now
Providence Trailways           Providence Trailways           1959-1962
Queen City Trailways           Queen City Coach               1939-1966   CTS
Reading Trailways              Reading Transportation Co.     1955-1964
Red Star Trailways             Red Star Motor Coaches         1939-1947
Rio Grande Trailways           Rio Grande Motor Way           1936-1948   CTS
Safeway Trailways              Safeway Trails                 1938-1966   CTS
Santa Fe Trailways             Santa Fe Trail Transportation  1936-1948   CTS
Service Trailways              Service Coach Lines            1948-1975   CTS
Service Stages Trailways       Service Stages                 1945-1952
                     (to Crescent Trailways)
Smoky Mountain Trailways       Smoky Mountain Stages          1938-1966   CTS
South Central Trailways        South Central Stages           1945-1954
Southeastern Trailways         Southeastern Motor Lines       1938-1940's
Southeastern Trailways         Indianapolis & SE Railroad     1938-1998
                     (Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways 1938-1954)
Southern Trailways             Southern Bus Lines             1945-1948   CTS
Southern Trailways             Southern Stages                1949-1968   CTS
Southern Tier Trailways        Southern Tier Trailways        1965-1970
Southwestern Trailways         Southwestern Stages            1937-1947
                     (to Mid-Continent Trailways)
Sunshine Trailways             Sunshine Bus Lines             1937-1945
                     (to Dixie Sunshine Trailways)
Sun Valley Trailways?          Sun Valley Bus Lines           1949-1954
Tamiami Trailways              Tamiami Trail Tours            1938-1975   CTS
Tennessee Trailways            Washington County Bus Line     1948-1950
Tennessee Trailways            Tennessee Coach Co.            1956-1966   CTS
Tri-State Trailways?           Tri-State Bus Lines            1948-1949
Tri-State Trailways            Tri-State Transit              1938-1945
                     (to Southern Trailways)
Union Trailways                Union Bus Lines                1949-1956   CTS
Valley Transit Trailways       Valley Transit Lines           1943-1977   CTS
Victory Trailways              Victory Coach Lines            1942-1947
                     (to Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways)
Virginia Trailways             Virginia Stage Lines           1938-1966   CTS
Virginia-Carolina Trailways    Virginia-Carolina Coach Co.    1940-1942
West Coast Trailways           West Coast Bus Lines           1938-1948   CTS
Yankee Trailways               Yankee Trails                  1938-1940's
                     (to Victory Coach Lines/Victory Trailways)


Between 1975 and 1987, the Trailways system consisted of Continental Trailways, and 14 independent Trailways companies. In 1987, Continental Trailways was acquired by Greyhound. The following 14 companies continued to be separately owned, with varying subsequent histories.

Adirondack Trailways
Capital Trailways
Capitol Trailways
Carolina Trailways
Cascade Trailways
Colonial Trailways
De Luxe Trailways
Empire Trailways
Evergreen Trailways
Lake Front Trailways
Martz Trailways
Pacific Trailways
Pine Hill Trailways
Southeastern Trailways

The only of these companies continuing to provide scheduled service under the Trailways name, are those provided with official web links.

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