Map shows electric railway trackage in the East St. Louis area area, with the following colors used:

Brown - East St. Louis & Suburban Railway Co. Company owned subsidiaries East St. Louis & Suburban Railway Co., Alton Granite & St. Louis Traction Co., and St. Louis & East St. Louis Electric Railway Co., operating suburban interurban trains and local streetcars in Alton, Belleville, and Granite City. Also owned St. Louis & Belleville Electric Railway, a freight only line between East St. Louis and Belleville, paralleling the passenger line to the south.

Red - East St. Louis Railway Co. Another subsidiary of East St. Louis & Suburban Railway Co., operating local streetcars in East St. Louis.

Blue - Illinois Traction Co. Operated longer distance interurban trains northeast to Springfield and other major cities in Illinois.

Orange - Alton Jacksonville & Peoria Railway Co. Interurban line.

Green - East St. Louis Columbia & Waterloo Railway. Interurban line.

Map scale is larger in areas with local streetcars.