With the elimination of streetcars and trolleybuses, the rapid transit system is now the only electric powered transit. All substations are now owned by CTA, and by the early 1970's all rotary converters were replaced with rectifiers for conversion to direct current.


Substations from a 1983 CTA list. Where known, opening dates are in parentheses.

The Cottage Grove substation was subsequently closed, presumably due to abandonment of the east extension of the Green Line along 63rd St. And the 20th and 42nd substations were replaced with newer substations along the Red Line.


Where known, opening dates are in parentheses.

Orange Line

The 1993 opening of the CTA line to Midway Airport included eight new substations.

Red Line (Dan Ryan)

Three new substations replaced two older substations originally constructed for the streetcar system.

Brown Line

This line has experienced ridership growths in recent years, and recently underwent a modernization program including the lengthening of platforms. Today's air conditioned 8 car trains require more power, than the 6 car non air conditioned trains typically operating 30 years earlier. Several new substations have been constructed or are under construction.

In addition, plans are to replace the Illinois substation with a new Hubbard substation, located at Hubbard St. and Franklin St.

Additional New Substations