Fort Wayne Line

FORMERLY Pennsylvania Railroad (Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad)
CONSTRUCTED 1851-1853 by Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad
DOUBLE TRACK completed before 1860's (Rochester-Pittsburgh)/1893 (Crestline-Rochester)
ABS installed before 1912
CTC installed 1980's-1990's
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Capitol Limited

Former Pennsylvania Railroad main line, which east of Alliance is now part of Norfolk Southern main line via Cleveland. Segment between Crestline and Alliance has become less important, now freight only.

Radio Frequency - 161.070 (AAR Channel 64) (Crestline-Rochester)
Radio Frequency - 160.800 (AAR Channel 46) (Rochester-Pittsburgh)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Crestline
Distance is from Pittsburgh

188.7 Crest (CSX Crossing)
188.6 Crestline
188.2 East Crest
186.6 Horning
175.7 West Mans (ASRY Crossing)
175.3 Mansfield
174.8 Mans (Harding Industrial Track)
174.3 Lynch
172.6 Ross
169.6 Lucas
160.9 Perrysville
157.4 Mohican
156.7 Loudonville
150.1 Lakeville
144.8 Shreve
138.0 Big Run
135.2 Wooster
129.5 Smithville
124.0 Orrville
116.6 North Lawrence
110.7 Mace (Corman Crossing)
109.5 Massillon
105.4 Reed
101.7 Canton
101.3 Wandle (W&LE Crossing)
98.0 Canton Yard
96.8 Fairhope
94.8 Louisville
89.2 Maximo
83.2 CP Alliance (Cleveland Line)
83.0 Alliance
77.7 Beloit
75.6 Garfield
73.5 CP Murph
72.0 Salem
71.0 Long
63.2 Leetonia
59.7 Columbiana
57.5 CP Lum
51.4 Smith
50.8 Buckeye
49.9 East Palestine
48.8 State Line (OH-PA)
45.3 CP Enon
41.9 Hays
40.2 New Galilee
34.8 CP Wood (Koppel Secondary Track)
32.8 Morado
30.2 Beaver Falls
28.9 New Brighton
27.0 West Rochester
25.9 CP Rochester (Cleveland Line/Youngstown Line)
24.5 CP West Conway
23.9 CP Freedom
22.6 Conway Yard
21.7 CP Baden
20.8 East Conway
16.5 Ambridge
15.0 CP Leets
12.5 Sewickley
4.6 CP Bell (Mon Line)
2.7 Island Avenue
1.8 CP Penn (Conemaugh Line/Island Connecting)
0.9 Federal Street
0.0 CP West Pitt (Pittsburgh Line)

2 tracks, CTC in use. Some segments of 3 and 4 tracks, and some segments of 1 track west of Alliance. CTC controlled from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh West Dispatcher controls trackage from Crestline to Alliance, Cleveland Line dispatcher controls trackage from Alliance to Rochester, Conway Terminal Dispatcher controls trackage from Rochester to Pittsburgh. Cab signal system in use without wayside signals between Alliance and Rochester, except at interlockings.


Multimodalways/Norfolk Southern Archives

Link to web site, where track charts may be downloaded as PDF files.


Track diagram as the line existed around the 1950's, prior to elimination of segments of third and fourth track, and the installation of CTC.