1865 - Capital City Horse Railway Co. introduces horse car service on west Monroe St. route.

1866 - Springfield City Railway Co. introduces horse car service on North 5th St. route.

1867 - Capital Railway introduces horse car service on east Monroe St. route.

1871 - Capital Railway consolidated into Springfield City Railway Co.

1879 - Citizens Street Railway Co. introduces horse car service on North 9th St. and South 2nd St. routes. Additional routes opened on South 11th St. and on Rutledge St.

1889 - People's Gas Motor & Horse Railway introduces horse car service on South Grand route on city's southwest side, and on North 11th St. connecting with Citizens Street Railway Co. North 9th St. route.

1893 - Springfield City Railway Co. and People's Electric Railway acquired by Springfield Consolidated Railway Co., which electrifies routes.

1909 - Union Railway Gas & Electric Co. incorporated, acquires Springfield Consolidated Railway Co. as a subsidiary.

1913 - Commonwealth Power Railway & Light Co. acquires Union Railway Gas & Electric Co. as a subsidiary.

1921 - Springfield Consolidated Railway Co. reorganized as Illinois Power Co., including electric utility. Shortly after, first bus route is introduced.

1922 - Commonwealth Power Co. incorporated as subsidiary of Commonwealth Power Railway & Light Co., controlling Illinois Power Co.

1929 - Commonwealth Power Co. merged into newly incorporated Commonwealth & Southern Corp., with Illinois Power Co. as a subsidiary.

1933 - Illinois Power Co. reorganized, with electric utility transferred to Commonwealth & Southern Corp. subsidiary Central Illinois Light Co. Transit system transferred to newly formed Springfield Transportation Co., a subsidiary of Commonwealth & Southern Corp. subsidiary Transportation Securities Corp.

1937 - Last local streetcar service replaced with buses.

1943 - Transportation Securities Corp. dissolved, Springfield Transportation Co. sold.

1945 - United Transit Co. incorporated, which would acquire Springfield Transportation Co.

1962 - United Transit Co. acquired by American Transportation Enterprises (ATE).

1968 - Springfield Transportation Co. becomes publicly owned Springfield Mass Transit District.

2016 - Springfield Mass Transit District renamed Sangamon Mass Transit District, reflecting the expansion of services into additional areas of Sangamon County.

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