BUSES 1979-1997

Numbers  Builder  Built  Model  Air Cond. Lift  Notes

1600-1624 Flyer   1983 D901A         no  no  1614 undelivered
4000-4361 M.A.N.  1985 SL-40102N     no  no  "Americana"
4400-4875 TMC     1991 T8O-208       yes yes RTS-08
4900-4914 TMC     1991 T8O-608       no  no  RTS-08 narrow
4915-4927 Orion   1990 I             yes yes narrow/Pace
5300-5744 Flxible 1991 40102-6T      yes yes "Metro"
5745-5764 Flxible 1991 40102-6C      yes yes "Metro"
5765-5769 Flxible 1991 40102-6T      yes yes "Metro"
5800-5864 N-Flyer 1995 D40LF         yes yes low floor
5900-5902 N-Flyer 1997 D40LF         yes yes exp. fuel cell
6000-6304 Flxible 1995 40102-6T      yes yes "Metro"
6305-6329 Flxible 1995 40102-6C      yes yes "Metro"
7000-7019 M.A.N.  1979 SG220-16.5-2A yes no  articulated
7100-7224 M.A.N.  1983 SG310-16.5-2A yes no  articulated
7300-7413 M.A.N.  1982 SG310-18-2    no  yes articulated/Seattle
9800-9974 Flyer   1983 D901A         no  no

All buses were 40 feet long, except for articulated buses 7100-7224 which were 55 feet long, and articulated buses 7300-7413 at 60 feet long. All buses were 102 inches wide except for those in the 4900's, at 96 inches wide. Narrower buses were needed on the Lake Street bus route due to the elevated structure. The Lake Street bus route was discontinued in 1997, and from 2000 to 2005 buses 4900-4914 were used on CTA's University of Chicago routes. They were replaced in 2005 by buses 4915-4927, acquired second hand from Pace.

Buses 5900-5902 were tested between 1997 and 2000, using fuel cell technology developed by Ballard Power Systems. Buses were retired in 2000.

Buses 7300-7413 were acquired second hand from Seattle Metro in 2000 and 2001.

The TMC 4400 and 4900 series buses were not originally equipped with air conditioning. In 2001, the 4400's received air conditioners. Originally, these were among the few RTS buses equipped with rear windows. But as air conditioners were installed, the rear of the bus took on a more usual appearance for RTS model buses. In 2001 and 2002, the TMC 4400 series buses also underwent a mid life overhaul.


Photos of CTA buses, present and past.