NEW LOOK BUSES 1961-1977

Numbers    Builder    Built    Model           Last Operated  Notes

 100- 249  GM         1961     TDH-5301        1975
 300- 449  GM         1962-63  TDH-5301        1983
 701- 755  GM         1973     T8H-5307A       1996           leased 1994-1996/AC
 800- 804  GM         1965     TDH-5303        1983           air conditioned
1000-1524  GM         1972     T8H-5307A       1991           air conditioned
3000-3238  Flxible    1965     F2D6V-401-1     1983
3239       Flxible    1965     F2DV8C-401-1    1983
3240-3244  Flxible    1965     F2D6V-401-1     1983           air conditioned
3300-3449  Flxible    1966     F2D6V-351-1     1983           35 foot
3500-3694  Flxible    1966-67  F2D6V-401-1     1983
3695-3699  Flxible    1967     F2DV8C-401-1    1983
3700-3729  Flxible    1969     FD6VT-401-1     1991           narrow
3730-3875  Flxible    1968-69  F2D6VT-401-1    1985
7400-7944  GM         1973-74  T8H-5307A       1996           air conditioned
8500-8649  Flxible    1961     F2D6V-401-1     1975
8650       Flxible    1962     F2D6V-401-1     1975
8700-8849  Flxible    1963     F2P-401-1       1975           propane
9000-9599  GM         1975     T8H-5307A       1996           air conditioned
9600-9799  GM         1977     T8H-5307A       1996           air conditioned

With one exception, all New Look bus orders were diesel powered. CTA had preferred propane in the 1950's, but by the 1960's propane became no longer practical for new buses.

CTA's first New Look buses, 100-249 and 8500-8650, originally were evenly distributed between Beverly, Keeler, Limits, Lawndale, and 52nd Street garages. And by 1963, Limits was the first CTA garage to have all New Look buses, when most of the series 300-449 arrived there.

The only New Look propane buses ever built were 8700-8849. Those buses were assigned to North Park and 69th Street garages, enabling those all propane garages to have some New Looks.

Buses 3000-3239 were originally assigned to Archer, Beverly, and Kedzie garages. And buses 3240-3244 and 800-804 were originally assigned to Beverly garage. These were CTA's first air conditioned buses, and were assigned to the "Vincennes Express" route, operating between downtown and the far south side via the Dan Ryan Expressway. Four years later, the opening of the Dan Ryan rapid transit line would make this bus route unnecessary. And in 1970, those buses were transferred to Forest Glen garage, for the O'Hare Express bus route.

Buses 3300-3449 were first assigned to Archer, Beverly, Lawndale, Limits, and 77th Street garages. These were the only 35 foot New Look buses, and replaced various similar size General Motors buses from the 1940's.

Buses 3500-3699 went to Archer and 52nd Street garages, and replaced the large former Chicago Motor Coach TDH-5502 General Motors buses 500-600, among other buses.

Buses 3700-3729 went to North Avenue garage. These narrower buses were needed on the Lake Street bus route due to the elevated structure, and replaced some old smaller General Motors buses from the 1940's. And buses 3730-3875 first went to North Park and 77th Street garages. These were the first diesel buses at North Park, which until then had been an all propane garage since it first opened in 1950.

Buses 1000-1524 and 7400-7944 were CTA's first large orders of air conditioned buses, and every CTA garage got some of the new buses. These buses gave the CTA an entirely New Look fleet. All trolleybuses were also eliminated then.

The only remaining propane buses were the New Look series 8700-8849. All were moved to North Park garage, as 69th Street garage became all diesel. And the CTA became all diesel in 1976, after arrival of the series 9000-9599. This marked the first signficant retirements of New Look buses, with all buses built before 1965 retired, except for some of the series 300-449.

In 1983 and 1985, the Flyer 9800 series and M.A.N. 4000 series buses replaced everything remaining built before 1970, except for the narrow 3700's needed for Lake Street. Those 3700's were finally replaced by the TMC 4900's in 1991. The Lake Street bus route was discontinued in 1997. The last of the GM buses delivered during the 1970's were retired in 1996.

Buses 701-755 were originally acquired by the Chicago South Suburban Mass Transit District for South Suburban Safeway Lines, later the Pace South Division. 33 buses from this group were leased by CTA between 1994 and 1996, and were repainted for CTA, retaining the original numbers.


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Some roster information is from the September 1971 issue of the magazine "Motor Coach Age".