SEPTA route numbers below 90 were formerly Philadelphia Transportation Co. streetcar routes, primarily in the city. Numbers were retained for bus routes replacing streetcar routes. For routes originally created as bus routes, letters were assigned. Some of these letters are still in use, although some letters were eventually replaced with numbers. Other than that, the route numbering has generally remained stable going into the 21st Century.

Routes 91-99 are routes of SEPTA's Frontier Division, which evolved from the Schuylkill Valley system. Schuylkill Valley Lines began operating buses in the Norristown area on 9/11/33, after the Schuylkill Valley Traction Co. ceased operations.

Routes 100-125 are routes of SEPTA's Victory Division, formerly the Red Arrow Lines. The original Red Arrow bus routes were originally assigned letters. Routes acquired from the Southern Pennsylvania Bus Co. were assigned route numbers in the 70's for a while, before receiving the present numbers.

Not included are routes created more recently by SEPTA.

Several routes numbered above 125 exist in suburbs primarily northeast of Philadelphia, and are not listed. Those routes had evolved from routes formerly operated by SEPTA subsidiary Trenton-Philadelphia Coach Co., which were significantly restructured in 1977 focusing on Oxford Valley Mall, with little resemblance to the former routes.

Routes in the 200's are commuter rail feeder routes, created in recent years, and are not listed.

Following the list are discontinued suburban routes, along with route segments which eventually became part of present SEPTA city routes. Many local routes previously existed in Chester, an industrial town which suffered declines. But most of these local routes were actually redundant to various regional routes, which continue to serve Chester.

Route   Route                    Old Route  Streetcars  Buses       Former Company
Number  Name                     Number     Introduced  Introduced  Buses Introduced

 90 Norristown-State Hosp.-Penn Square        1887      9/11/33
 90 Penn Square-Plymouth Meeting Mall                  1966
 91 Norristown-Graterford                              1946
 92 West Chester-King of Prussia                       New SEPTA
 93 Norristown-Collegeville-Pottstown         1898      9/11/33
 94 Chestnut Hill-Montgomery Mall                      1926      North Penn Bus Co.
 95 Gulph Mills-Plymouth Meeting Mall                  1977
 95 Plymouth Meeting Mall-Willow Grove                 New SEPTA
 96 Norristown-Northtowne Plaza                        1939
 96 Northtowne Plaza-Montgomery Co. CC                 1977
 96 Montgomery Co. CC-Lansdale                         1951      North Penn Bus Co.
 97 Norristown-Conshohoken-Spring Mill        1894      9/11/33
 98 Norristown-Dekalb St.                     1885      9/11/33
 98 Norris Hills                                       1958
 98 Norristown-Plymouth Meeting Mall                             Auch Interborough
 99 Norristown-Valley Forge                            1946
 99 Valley Forge-Phoenixville                          New SEPTA
132 Lansdale-Telford                                   1951      North Penn Bus Co.

Route   Route                    Old Route  Streetcars  Buses       Former Company
Number  Name                     Number     Introduced  Introduced  Buses Introduced

100 69th St.-Norristown (HIGH SPEED RAIL)     1907     RAIL      Phila. & Western
101 69th St.-Media (RAIL)                     4/ 1/13  RAIL
102 69th St.-Sharon Hill (RAIL)               3/15/06  RAIL
103 69th St.-Brookline                    C             5/12/26
103 Brookline-Ardmore                         3/30/02  1966
104 69th St.-West Chester                 W   1895     1958
105 69th St.-Lankenau Hosptial-Ardmore    Y             7/ 1/36  Montgomery     1920
105 Ardmore-Paoli                         Z             7/ 1/36  Montgomery     1920
106 69th St.-Penn Wynne-Ardmore           D            10/ 4/26
107 69th St.-Clifton Heights              B             4/19/26
107 Clifton Heights-Lawrence Park                      New SEPTA
108 69th St.-Elmwood-Airport              J            12/29/30  Red Star       1924
109 69th St.-Springfield                  O   1894      8/ 4/30  So. Pa. Traction
109 Springfield-Chester                   O             7/10/30  Drew Bus
110 69th St.-Springfield                  X            1946
110 Springfield-Springfield Mall          E            1946
110 Springfield Mall-Granite Run Mall     N   1894      8/ 4/30  So. Pa. Traction
111 69th St.-Aronimink                    A             4/ 4/23
111 Aronimink-Chadds Ford                              New SEPTA
112 69th St.-Delaware County Comm. Col.                New SEPTA
113 69th St.-Lansdowne                    F            10/10/30  Red Star
113 Lansdowne-Darby                       M             7/10/30  Drew Bus    2/17/19
113 Darby-Chester                         76            1/  /26
113 Chester-Marcus Hook                   76  1883      2/ 3/34
114 Darby-Chester                         74  1893     12/15/34
114 Chester-Granite Run Mall                           New SEPTA
115 Delmar Village-Darby                  72            1/  /26
115 Darby-Brookline                       H             5/ 8/28
116 69th St.-Eastwick                                  New SEPTA/discontinued
117 Feltonville-Chester                                1922
117 Chester-Upland                            1883      2/ 3/34
117 Upland-Parkside                           1901      1/14/33
117 Parkside-Penn State                                New SEPTA
118 Chester-Garden City                   80  1886      1/14/33
118 Garden City-Media                     80  1893      4/12/30
118 Media-Newtown Square                               New SEPTA
119 Chester-Linwood                       74  1899     12/15/34
119 Linwood-Boothwyn                      74           1930      CE Crandall    1922
119 Boothwyn-Cheyney                                   New SEPTA
120 69th St.-Newtown Square-Cheyney                    New SEPTA
122 69th St.-Springfield Mall                          New SEPTA/discontinued
123 69th St.-King of Prussia                           New SEPTA
124 Philadelphia-Chesterbrook                          New SEPTA
125 Philadelphia-Valley Forge                          New SEPTA

Route   Route                    Old Route  Streetcars  Buses       Former Company
Number  Name                     Number     Introduced  Introduced  Buses Introduced

    Ardmore-Aronimink (discontinued)      E             5/ 2/27
    Springfield Road (discontinued)       E            1946
    Drexel Avenue (discontinued)          F             7/11/27
    Woodland-Morton (discontinued)        G             3/15/28
 44 Ardmore                               I             7/ 1/36  Montgomery
    Media-Glen Riddle (discontinued)          1903      8/ 4/30
    Chester-Eddystone (discontinued)          1916      2/ 3/34
    Chester-Buckman Vil. (discontinued)                1922
    Chester-Sun Ship (discontinued)                    1922
    Chester-Sun Hill (discontinued)                    1925
    Chester-Upland (discontinued)                      1925
    Chester-Swarthmore (discontinued)                  11/27/26  Delaware Co.   1922

SEPTA introduced its bus routes numbered in the 90's in 1977, after acquiring Schuylkill Valley Lines the previous year. These routes represented a restructuring of the former Schuylkill Valley service.

Routes 94 and 96 were acquired by SEPTA from the North Penn Bus Co. some time between 1976 and 1984. These routes had evolved from interurban railway service operated south from Allentown by Lehigh Valley Transit Co., sold to North Penn Bus Co. in 1956.

The Auch Interborough Transit Co. had operated a bus route between Chestnut Hill and Norristown, early history unavailable. SEPTA acquired the service in 1969 by extending its city bus route L beyond Chestnut Hill. As part of SEPTA's 1977 restructuring of the Norristown service after acquiring Schuylkill Valley Lines, route L was cut back to Plymouth Meeting Mall.

Schuylkill Valley Lines had also operated a bus route between Norristown and Swedeland beginning 9/11/33, replacing the Schuylkill Valley Traction Co. electric railway route, which had existed since 1893. As part of SEPTA's 1977 restructuring of the Norristown service after acquiring Schuylkill Valley Lines, passengers travelling between Norristown and Swedeland must now transfer at King of Prussia Mall.

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