Outside New York City, the following additional transit operations exist on Long Island. Included are links to their official Web sites.

In 1973 the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, commonly known as Long Island Bus, acquired the following ten private bus companies in Nassau County. Bus service was operated until 2011.

Hempstead Bus Corp.
Bee Line, Inc.
Rockville Centre Bus Corp.
Stage Coach Lines
Utility Lines, Inc.
Schneck Transportation Co.
Jerusalem Avenue Bus Line, Inc.
Branch Bus Corp.
Hendrickson Bus Co.
Roosevelt Bus Line, Inc.

In 2012, the bus service in Nassau County was replaced by NICE, operated under contract by Veolia Transportation.

In 1981, Suffolk County Transit assumed jurisdiction over the private bus operators operating in that county.

Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE)

Suffolk County Transit (SCT)

Nassau Inter-County Express (Wikipedia)
Suffolk County Transit (Wikipedia)
History Of Suffolk Transit
Links to further information regarding NICE and SCT.


The history of bus transportation on Long Island is complex, and is not completely available. But the 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory" provides an interesting "snapshot", of what bus companies existed then, and where they went.


Babylon Railroad - opened 1871, ceased operations in 1918.

Glen Cove Railway - opened 1905, ceased operations in 1912.

Huntington Railroad - opened 1890, ceased operations in 1921.

Nassau County Railway - opened 1902, ceased operations in 1924.

New York & Long Island Traction Co. - opened 1902, ceased operations in 1925.

New York & North Shore Traction Co. - incorporated 1902 as Mineola Roslyn & Port Washington Traction Co., renamed 1907. Ceased operations in 1920.

Northport Traction Co. - opened 1902, ceased operations in 1924.

Ocean Electric Railway - incorporated 1890 as Rockaway Village Railroad., renamed 1897. Ceased operations in 1929.

Electric Railways (Map)

Map showing connecting electric railways of the past, some of which were feeder lines to the Long Island Rail Road.

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