Much of the North Shore Line right of way has been developed into the North Shore Path, or North Shore Trail, with various segments administered by agencies of the various counties.

County Bike Links

By exploring these trails, one can get a sense of the character of this old interurban line, and occasionally see an old station or other artifact from a bygone era.

Detailed street maps are recommended to aid in locating these trails. These trails can be explored either on foot or by bicycle. With a bicycle, many of the trail segments are suitable for one day round trips. Bicycles are permitted on Metra trains and CTA rapid transit trains during off peak hours, except during certain festival periods. And all Pace and CTA buses are now equipped with bicycle racks.

For walkers, public transportation can be used to reach most of these trail segments. Most trail segments can be walked by riding a Metra train or a bus to one point on a trail, walking one way, and boarding a train or a bus at another location. One can thus avoid backtracking on a walk.

Transit Access

Information on public transit access to various segments of the North Shore Path.