Electric Railway Map (Connecticut/Massachusetts/Rhode Island)

Map shows interurban railways, and other electric railways in the more densely populated areas.

New London-New Haven (1910-1929)
Norwich-Westerly (1906-1922)
New London-Norwich (1892-1934)
Norwich-Willimantic (1903-1936)

New London-Norwich-Willimantic route leased from Connecticut Co. from 1913 to 1920. In 1923, New Haven & Shore Line Railway Co. became operator of New London-New Haven line.

Replacement bus companies:
New Haven & Shore Line Railway Co. (until 1970's)


Lines which did not fully meet the authors' definitions of an interurban in the book "The Electric Interurban Railways In America", but nevertheless could be considered as interurban railways.

Stafford Springs-Hartford (1894-1928)
Hartford-Newington (1890's-1937)
Newington-New Britain [CR&L] (1890's-1937)
New Britain-Plainville [CR&L] (until 1936)
Plainville-Meriden (1898-1931)
Hartford-Middletown (until 1930)
Middletown-Meriden (until 1927)
Meriden-Wallingford (1900-1929)
Wallingford-New Haven (until 1937)
Waterbury-Cheshire [CR&L] (1907-1934)
Cheshire-New Haven (1907-1936)
Waterbury-Naugatuck [CR&L] (until 1935)
Naugatuck-Derby [CR&L] (until 1937)
Derby-Yale Bowl [CR&L] (until 1937)
Yale Bowl-New Haven (until 1937)
New Haven-Milford (1898-1937)
Milford-Bridgeport [CR&L] (until 1934)
Derby-Bridgeport [CR&L] (1899-1927)
Bridgeport-Norwalk [CR&L] (until 1935)
Norwalk-Darien [CR&L] (until 1933)
Darien-Stamford (until 1933)

Beginning years of operation are not available for all segments, due to a lack of published material on the histories prior to formation of the Connecticut Co. Through mergers, the Connecticut Co. rapidly became one large company, with almost a monopoly of local transit services throughout much of Connecticut. This included the leasing of the Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. (CR&L), beginning in 1906. The Connecticut Co. operated replacement bus service on all routes, except between Hartford and Stafford Springs, where replacement bus service was operated briefly by New England Transportation Co. The Connecticut Co. service basically remained intact on all these segments until 1972 between Hartford and Stamford, except from New Britain to Southington (north of Meriden), and from Waterbury to Seymour (north of Derby). In 1936, after the Connecticut Co. was failing to make its lease payments to Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co., the courts allowed Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. to repossess the leased lines. Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. segments are indicated with [CR&L]. And several interurban bus routes became jointly operated, with companies alternating with runs. These joint segments included Waterbury-Cheshire-New Haven, Derby-New Haven, New Haven-Bridgeport, and Norwalk-Stamford. Some interurban bus service was discontinued after Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. ceased operations in 1972. But most such service was eventually restored, most service in area is now operated by Connecticut Transit.

Torrington-Winsted (1897-1928)
Norwich-Putnam-North Grosvernordale (until 1925)
Willimantic-South Coventry (1909-1926)

The Connecticut Co. operated replacement bus service on all routes, including the New London-Norwich-Willimantic route, listed above as leased to the Shore Line Electric Railway from 1913 to 1920. Exceptions were between Torrington and Winsted, and between Putnam and North Grosvernordale. No replacement bus service was provided between Willimantic and South Coventry. Transit service in New London-Norwich area now provided by publicly owned Southeast Area Transit. Both the Connecticut Co. and New England Transportation Co. were owned by the New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad, forming an even larger monopoly of transportation in Connecticut. Bus service introduced between Torrington and Winsted was part of a route put together in 1928 between New York and Pittsfield, including a new segment between New York and Torrington, and a segment between Winsted and Pittsfield acquired from Thomas Biscetta. In 1937, that route became part of a New England Greyhound Lines route, and New England Transportation Co. continued to operate over the segment as part of a route from Waterbury to Winsted. New England Transportation Co. ceased operations in 1958. In 1930, Short Line assumed bus service between Putnam and North Grosvernordale, which became part of a route between Putnam and Worcester MA.

Hartford-Springfield MA (1896-1926)

Replacement buses operated by newly formed Hartford & Springfield Coach Co. Sold 1928 to New England Transportation Co., which in 1957 sold route to Short Line, which operated route a few years longer.

Some information is from "Connecticut Company Streetcars" by Frederick A. Kramer with Ed Wadhams.

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