Incorporated 1903, in 1908 acquired Chicago Union Traction Co., which was incorporated in 1899 to acquire two major street railway companies. And in 1910, Chicago Railways Co. acquired the Chicago Consolidated Traction Co. operations within the city of Chicago.


Incorporated 1859, operated on north side. Acquired in 1886 by North Chicago Street Railroad Co., and acquired in 1899 by Chicago Union Traction Co.


Incorporated 1861, operated on west side. Acquired in 1887 by West Chicago Street Railroad Co., and acquired in 1899 by Chicago Union Traction Co. In addition, the West Chicago Street Railroad Co. acquired the following companies in 1889:

Chicago Passenger Railway Co. - incorporated 1883 as Chicago Horse and Dummy Railway Co., changed name in 1885.

Chicago West Division Railway & Tunnel Co. - incorporated 1888.


Incorporated 1899, acquired in 1910 by Chicago Railways Co. Chicago Consolidated Traction Co. had acquired the following companies after its formation in 1899:

Chicago & Jefferson Urban Transit Co. - incorporated 1890.

Chicago Electric Transit Co. - incorporated 1892 as Jefferson Street Railway Co., name changed 1893.

Chicago North Shore Street Railway Co. - incorporated 1891 as Chicago & Evanston Electric Railway Co., name changed 1892. Acquired by North Chicago Electric Railway Co. in 1894.

Cicero & Proviso Street Railway Co. - incorporated 1889.

Evanston Electric Railway Co. - incorporated 1895.

North Chicago Electric Railway Co. - incorporated 1893.

North Shore Electric Street Railway Co. - incorporated 1894.

Ogden Street Railway Co. - incorporated 1891.

Chicago Railways Co. did not acquire that Chicago Consolidated Traction Co. trackage outside the city of Chicago. That suburban trackage went to the County Traction Co., newly formed in 1910. In 1913, the Evanston Railway Co. and the Chicago and West Towns Railway Co. were formed, acquiring the County Traction Co. operations in those respective areas.

In 1913, Chicago Railways acquired some trackage from the Suburban Railroad Co. The Suburban Railroad Co. was incorporated in 1895, and those operations in the suburbs were merged into the newly formed Chicago and West Towns Railway Co. in 1913.

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