Mostly a sampling of bus companies listed in the 1952 Mass Transportation's Directory.

Additional bus companies, listed as existing during 1930's, are mentioned in the WPA American Guide Series of state guidebooks.

Bethlehem-Littleton Bus Line - served Bethlehem, Littleton, certified 1925.

Capitol Stages - existed in 1930's, served Nashua.

Carpenter Bus Line - served Franklin, West Franklin, Tilton, certified 1920.

Condos Bus Line - served Claremont Jct., Claremont, Newport, Semapee, New London, certified 1921.

Keene-Brattleboro Transfer Co. - existed in 1930's.

Peoples Bus Line - intercity served Keene, Lake Spofford, Winchester, Hinsdale, Bennington VT.

Sargent Bus Lines - connected Manchester with New Boston, Goffstown, Grasmere.

Star Route 2103 - intercity served North Stratford to Beecher Falls VT.

Suncook Valley Transportation Co. - city service in Pittsfield, suburban serving Chichester, Suncook, Concord.

Wentworth Bus Lines - served Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, East Rochester, Gonic, Durham and vicinity, certified 1924.

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